With the strategy of investing for a sustainable future, Le Delta has focused its resources in Medical, Environment, Hospitality, Mining, Agriculture, Construction, Real Estate and Renewable energy business. We look forward to cooperating with partners who share our vision in these areas.


Medical equipment is one of the important determinants of the effectiveness and quality of medical work, and helps doctors to diagnose and treat diseases accurately, safely and effectively. Over the past years, many domestic and foreign companies have invested in medical equipment and marketed many quality products. Accordingly, the quality control, medical equipment safety needs Particular attention should be paid to the use of inadequate medical devices that affect the diagnosis and treatment of patients.


The process of industrialization and modernization has been accelerated with the emergence of serious environmental problems. Therefore, the development of environmental services is an urgent need in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the environmental services sector is underdeveloped, not meeting the requirements of environmental protection and economic development, capacity to provide services and service quality is low ...Therefore, there is a huge demand for environmental services.


Construction plays a very important role for economic development to promote production and business of other industries. In Vietnam, the construction industry has been leading the growth rate in the past 10 years. Today, life is growing, living and eating are more important people. Not just enough to eat enough to wear, there are sheltered sunshade to go out, houses or construction works must be aesthetic, art requires more and more development. following the development of society.


Food plays an extremely important role, indispensable in daily life. Consumption is increasing, the area of ​​agriculture is shrinking and insecure food is spreading into the market which requires us to improve production efficiency to ensure food supply. clean for consumers. The application of new and advanced technologies (high technology) in order to improve efficiency, create a breakthrough in production and quality of agricultural products, meet the needs of society, ensure the Sustainable agricultural development is really necessary.


Vietnam is a country with relatively small area but has rich and rich mineral resources with nearly 40 types from energy minerals (oil, gas, coal, uranium, geothermal), non-metallic minerals, construction to metal minerals. However, our country is not rich in mineral resources because most of the minerals in Vietnam are not large reserves, scattered distribution is not concentrated. Therefore, it is necessary to exploit and use mineral resources reasonably, avoiding wasting resources of the country.


Garbage has become an increasingly serious environmental problem in the world as well as in Vietnam. How can we categorize and treat a huge amount of garbage rising day by day? Together with the provision of quality environmental services, the construction of a special waste treatment plant is essential.


Sustainable renewable energy technologies for the future, such as solar and wind power in Vietnam, are rapidly replacing fossil fuels as a future source of energy. Choose with optimal cost in the energy market. The potential for developing solar and wind power plants in Vietnam is enormous with a strategic goal to: Meet growing energy demand; Guaranteed no energy-dependent; Help consumers access to clean energy. The development roadmap which focuses on renewable energy brings the main benefits such as: - Cleaner: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions - Safer: Reduce the amount of coal imported - Cheaper: Save a lot of money and create more jobs. Renewable energy is a priority in the national electricity development plan that will attract many private investors in projects, making a positive contribution to the socio-economic development of Vietnam.


Real estate development motto of Le Delta Joint Stock Company is "Class is always associated with green living, ecological living, resort living". We are ready to serve the customers with the highest demand for the enjoyment of the emotional values from each villa and a great love for nature.